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SRA Ministries Offers Exciting Summer Programs: "Summer Blast 2023" and "A Pathway to Citizenship"

SRA Ministries is offering engaging summer programs for the community, including "Summer Blast" (also known as "Verano al Cien"). Held at the Continental Gin Building in Deep Ellum, participants gather three times a week to enhance their skills and experience a growing sense of enthusiasm with the support of their teachers. In a special event, they will convene at the ATT&T Discovery Center in downtown Dallas for an immersive conversational session, adding to the excitement of the program. This initiative by SRA Ministries aims to provide enriching opportunities for individuals during the pleasant summer season.


June 15th, 2023.

SRA Ministries Celebrates Graduation Ceremony for English Language Program Participants

On the 28th of May 2023, SRA Ministries held its annual graduation ceremony at Paris Beauty, honoring participants of the "Communicate" English Language Program. The event celebrated the culmination of a year of hard work and dedication, as students from both online and in-person classes gathered to receive their well-earned graduation certificates for the 2022-2023 academic year. With friends and families in attendance, the ceremony was filled with warmth and joy. The stage was adorned by students who walked across it, met with resounding cheers and applause, showcasing their unwavering determination and commitment to enhancing their English language abilities.


May 28th, 2023.

Talky Tuesday: An Evening of Learning, Fun, and Interactions.

SRA Ministries is launching a new conversational series called "Talky Tuesdays" as an extension of their English Language program, "Communicate." This initiative aims to provide students with opportunities to practice their fluency and communication skills by interacting with English-speaking guests once a month during the Spring Semester. Reverend Angel Del Rio, founder of SRA Ministries, explained that the conversational sessions will be held on Tuesdays, hence the name "Talky Tuesday."


April 4th, 2023.

SRA Ministries Works on the Creation of a Spanish Speaking program Targeting Service Providers serving the Spanish Speaking Community

SRA Ministries is developing a specialized Spanish Mastery Language Program called "Comunícate en Español" for individuals looking to improve their communication skills with Spanish-speaking clients. Guided by Gustavo Carvajal, a teacher at SRA Ministries, the organization is currently in the process of creating a pilot program for Spanish Language classes. The initiative was sparked by the increasing demand for Spanish classes from individuals who recognize the organization's expertise in language instruction.


January 19th, 2023.

SRA Ministries Hosts Winter Holiday Celebration to Honor ESL Students and Raise Funds

SRA Ministries recently held a Winter Holiday Celebration at Fuddruckers in Greenville Avenue, Dallas. The event celebrated the achievements of their ESL program and aimed to raise funds for future initiatives. ESL students had the opportunity to meet in person after connecting online, fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie. Attendees enjoyed the festive atmosphere and delicious food provided by Fuddruckers, who generously pledged a portion of the proceeds to support SRA Ministries' program development.


December 11, 2022.

SRA Ministries Joins Equal Heart for Day of Community Service

As Thanksgiving approached, teachers and students from SRA Ministries dedicated a day to community service alongside their sister organization, Equal Heart. Their shared goal was to pack and distribute food items to North Dallas's needy families. This annual food distribution service is vital in supporting hundreds of families, particularly when children are at home and have increased snack and food consumption. The involvement of SRA Ministries volunteers helps ensure that the needs of these families are met during this significant holiday season.


November 10th, 2022.

SRA Ministries Embarks on Designing "A Pathway to Citizenship" Program

SRA Ministries has collaborated with experts to design a new Citizenship program called "A Pathway to Citizenship." This program aims to assist participants in becoming U.S. citizens, following the guidelines of USCIS, the U.S. Department of Immigration, and the Department of Justice. The program involves two sessions per week for about 12 weeks. "A Pathway to Citizenship" will be offered both online and in person, with a pilot program scheduled to begin in early February 2023.


October, 14th, 2022.

SRA Ministries Excited to Offer English Classes for the Second Year, Bridging Language Barriers

SRA Ministries announces the start of its second year of ESL classes for adult migrants and young adults in Dallas, Texas. These classes provide a valuable chance for participants to develop essential English communication skills and pursue their aspirations.
SRA Ministries will be extending its class locations this year. One site will be in Deep Ellum at the Continental Gin Building in Downtown Dallas, while the second location will be in Garland, specifically in the Paris Beauty Salon conference room.


August 8th, 2022.

Celebrating Persistence and Success

The adult and young adult students of the Summer Program "Summer at 100" celebrated their graduation night on Friday, July 12th, with delight and a sense of success. READ MORE


July 12, 2022.

Getting Things Done!

It is 11:00AM of Thursday, July the 10th, and a group of students and SRA Ministries’ staff are on their way to the headquarters of Equal Hearts to help their team with the packing of groceries and then distributing them as part of a community service day. READ MORE


July 10, 2022.

Backpacking for a Cause

Participants in our summer program "Verano al CIEN" prepared backpacks filled with school supplies that will be distributed to children in North Dallas on Thursday, July 7th.


July 6, 2022.

Teachers and Students of “Verano al CIEN” Meet at the Dallas Museum of Art for a Night of Learning and Fun

The Dallas Museum of Arts hosted a night of conversational interventions for our summer school program called “Verano al CIEN”. Teachers and students arrived at DMA at around 6:30 PM and met at the atrium.


June 24, 2022

Capital Campaign 2022

SR SRA Ministries has launched a capital campaign to help fund the rental of classrooms and offices for the Learning Center's pilot program, which includes ESL lessons.


April 11, 2022

AmeriCorps Dallas partners with SRA Ministries' ESL program "Communicate."

SRA Ministries will be able to increase ESL services over the summer and school year with its program, "Communicate," thanks to a partnership with Equal Heart AmeriCorps Dallas.


March 22, 2022.

A Donation was Received to Assist in the Registration of Low-Income Students for ESL Classes.

SRA Ministries' programs and services are enhanced, and the community is better served, when individuals and groups donate to the organization.


August 27, 2021.

The first day of school. Everyone is on board!

Volunteers and staff met in enthusiasm to officially welcome SRA Ministries' first in-person Basic English Language class.


September 8, 2021.

Registration Night!

Many candidates arrived at the building on North Central Expressway to register for the new English program offered by SRA Ministries.


September 1st, 2021.

SRA Ministries joined Proyecto Inmigrante during the ceremony of blessing and opening, of their new headquarters and community service center in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, civic and religious teams associated with the organization named Proyecto Inmigrante, gathered to celebrate the opening of what is to be the permanent headquarters and community service center in Dallas and throughout the Metroplex.


August 31st, 2021.

Ministerios SRA acompaña a Proyecto Inmigrante en la bendición y apertura de la nueva sede y centro de servicios a la comunidad en Grand Prairie, Texas.

Celebrando su quince aniversario, los equipos cívicos y religiosos relacionados con la organización Proyecto Inmigrante, se reúnen para celebrar la apertura de lo que ha de ser la sede permanente y centro de servicios para la comunidad en Dallas y todo el Metroplex.


31 de agosto del 2021

SRA Ministries Partners with Borikén Creative Concepts to offer ESL Classes at their Uptown Dallas Location

Beginning on the week of the 6th of September, SRA Ministries in conjunction with Borikén Creative Concepts will present an ESL program targeted to adults and young adults wanting to learn English as a Second Language in the Uptown (Fitzhugh and US 75) area.


July 12, 2021.

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