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Celebrating Persistence and Success

Mani Rubio

July 12, 2022.

The adult and young adult students of the Summer Program "Summer at 100" celebrated their graduation night on Friday, July 12th, with delight and a sense of success. READ MORE

Twenty adults and young adults who had been enrolled in the ESL Summer Program completed their summer adventure after five weeks and forty hours of study time, and they met to celebrate their success. From Monday through Thursday, SRA Ministries offered two in-person sessions and two online sessions, each lasting approximately two hours. "I've always wanted to enroll in a course that could teach me English and find teachers who would genuinely try to assist me in doing so. Prior to this program, I felt as though I wasn't learning and that they weren't really invested in my education. However, I can tell that the teachers in this program truly care about their students. Reyna Puga, a student, stated, "They truly wanted us to learn.

Participants from various parts of the Metroplex were able to enroll in the Summer Program and take part in the classes thanks to the online sessions. “Due to my work schedule and my home location, it has been difficult for me to locate opportunities to advance learning English. By [SRA Ministries] providing me with an online program I could participate in and follow, "Summer at 100" bridged the gap for me,” said Bryan Erazo, a student of the online English Level 1 curriculum that ran concurrently with the summer program.

"What we ultimately produced was an excellent Summer Program experience, complete with educational field trips to the city, chances to engage in community service, an ambitious plan for live classes both online and in person, online tutoring, office hours, and more.” According to Reverend Angel Del Rio, president of SRA Ministries, "Our program lasted from 9:00AM to 9:00PM from Monday through Thursday, therefore giving a high level of service to the participants.”

“ "Communicate 22-23," a 12-month ESL course with both in-person and online components, will be our next step. Early September will see the start of classes, which will last through December 10th. We shall adhere to the school districts' academic calendars, therefore we will respect the children's typical school breaks and holidays.” Alex Carbajal, a board member of SRA Ministries, determined that in this approach, parents and other family members can enroll in our program without experiencing any major difficulties. Click here for more information and to register a family or a friend!

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