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Become a Community Partner

Are You, your Company, your Foundation, your Church, or your Community Team interested in becoming a Community Partner with Saint Romero of America MinistriesIt would mean the world to the people we serve and to us!

There are, indeed, countless ways that you and your organization can step in and become partners with us. Share your ideas and dreams. Please tell us what you would like to do. Let us borrow your worship or commercial space to serve the community further. Please help us make an impact and offer everyone a better tomorrow.

For more info, please E-mail us to:

for information regarding a partnership with you,

your Church, your organization, or your community group.

Ways You Can Become
a Partner

  • Collecting Essential Needs Items for the Homeless.

  • Assigning SRA Ministries as Your Preferred Donations Destination for your Gently Used Furniture and other Beautiful House Decoration Items.

  • Donating Technology (Laptops and Tablets) to Support Adult Students in ESL classes. (Students will borrow this equipment during class time).

  • Help organize, with your organization or group, a:

    • Soup Kitchen Day

    • Toys Drive during the Holidays

    • Back-to-School Drive during Summertime

    • Migration Conference or Consultancy

    • Community/Neighborhood Festival

    • Religious Event

    • Inclusion Awareness Event

    • ETC.

  • Sharing Worship Space with SRA Ministries for a Monthly Religious Service.

  • Sharing Organization Space for meetings, office work, etc.

  • Sharing Commercial Space to help SRA Ministries expand services to the community.

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