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Teaching with Technology and Passion: Meet Mr. Edward Lopez

Mani Rubio


Meet Mr. Edward Lopez, a dedicated Level 2 Intermediate teacher at Paris Beauty Academy in Garland. With a background in Science, Mr. Lopez embarked on a teaching career in 2022 after leaving his hometown of Laredo. His journey led him to Texas Can Academies, Oak Cliff, where he mentored youth toward success. Inspired by SRA Ministries' work, Mr. Lopez joined their ESL program, "Communicate," to empower adult learners. Now, he fosters a supportive learning environment, utilizing technology and passion to engage his students. Supported by Equal Hearts AmeriCorps, SRA Ministries aims to expand its impact and invites others to join in shaping brighter futures for the community.

On a Tuesday evening around 6:00 PM at Paris Beauty Academy in Garland, a dedicated teacher is setting up his tablet and connecting it to the projector or directly to the classroom monitor. Having just finished teaching at a nearby high school, he is now prepared to assist adults in learning English. Meet Mr. Edward Lopez, the Level 2 Intermediate teacher whose journey from Texas A&M International University to the heart of the DFW Metroplex exemplifies a dedication to education and empowerment.

A graduate with a Science degree, Mr. Lopez embarked on a new adventure in early 2022, leaving his hometown of Laredo to pursue a career in teaching. Joining Texas Can Academies, Oak Cliff, a charter known to provide with a second opportunity to the youth and minorities, he became a high school science teacher and quickly established himself as a mentor, guiding youth toward success and fulfillment.

However, Mr. Lopez's encounter with SRA Ministries' work in the metroplex sparked a newfound sense of purpose. "I learned about the work done by SRA Ministries in the metroplex and wanted to be a part of them!" he shares. Visiting the uptown Dallas site and witnessing the dedication of teachers and students alike, Mr. Lopez was deeply moved. "These adults were investing in a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. This reminded me about my family and how my parents did their best to provide us a greater future. I knew I wanted to give back to the community. That is why I joined the ESL program 'Communicate' with SRA Ministries," he explains.

At the Paris Beauty Academy on Saturn Road, Dallas, Mr. Lopez's classroom buzzes with energy as he utilizes technology and passion to engage his students. His commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment is palpable as he guides adult learners on their journey to language proficiency and empowerment.

Supporting Mr. Lopez and his fellow educators is Equal Hearts AmeriCorps, providing stipends to teachers as they dedicate themselves to community service. Currently boasting five supported teachers, SRA Ministries aims to expand this number to eight next year, thanks to its partnership with AmeriCorps. This collaboration underscores the organization's commitment to enriching English classes, citizenship programs, and immigration form processing for the community.

SRA Ministries warmly invites other organizations to join hands in this noble endeavor. Whether through partnership or generous donations, every contribution plays a vital role in shaping brighter futures for individuals and families across the metroplex. To offer your support, please visit the donation page at

In the heart of every classroom, in the dedication of every teacher like Mr. Edward Lopez, lies the promise of transformation and empowerment. Together, let's continue to nurture these seeds of change and build a more inclusive and thriving community.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact SRA Ministries at

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