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Backpacking for a Cause

Mani Rubio

July 6, 2022.

Participants in our summer program "Verano al CIEN" prepared backpacks filled with school supplies that will be distributed to children in North Dallas on Thursday, July 7th.

It is the evening of Wednesday, July 6th, and the students of the Accelerated English Summer Program at 4144 N Central Expressway are about to finish their class. Later, their teacher will work with the participants and will prepare backpacks filled with school supplies that will be delivered the next day to a community complex in North Dallas.

"The goal of our summer program is to provide participants with two special opportunities while they study and practice English: first, to get to know the city of Dallas and its beautiful places that they can visit with family and friends; and second, to give them the opportunity to go through the experience of a service to the community," explained Eduardo Angulo Palencia, member of the executive board of SRAM Dallas.

"This Summer, we decided to join Equal Hearts and distribute food to families in North Dallas. On the afternoon of that same day we will distribute backpacks with school supplies to children in another apartment complex in Dallas. Our contribution, although small, will serve as a token of our appreciation and our desire for a better future for all," concluded Eduardo.

Thursday morning, July 7th, a group of students and a team from SRA Ministries will help the Equal Hearts team distribute food to the community, and in the afternoon, they will distribute backpacks as a back to school event. AmeriCorps Equal Hearts has partnered with SRA Ministries to carry out this activity.

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