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SRA Ministries Expands with New Office and Immigration Services

Mani Rubio


SRA Ministries is thrilled to announce a major milestone in our mission to better serve the community. On May 25th, Angel Del Rio, Founder and CEO, signed a lease with Lucid Private Offices, establishing our new headquarters and Immigration Services Office at 6060 N Central Expressway in Dallas. This new office will enable us to provide direct, professional services and expand our offerings.

SRA Ministries is excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey to serve the community better. On May 25th, Angel Del Rio, Founder and CEO of SRA Ministries, signed an agreement with Lucid Private Offices to lease office space at 6060 N Central Expressway in Dallas, establishing our new headquarters and Immigration Services Office.

"We are very excited to see SRA Ministries taking on this next huge step of establishing an office where we will be able to provide direct service to our clients and to all the community. We will also have access to their conference rooms to continue providing the English classes and the citizenship preparation classes. With an established office, we can now welcome clients to our headquarters and provide a safe, secure, and professional service, adding up the Immigration Service Office to our offerings," mentioned Angel Del Rio.

The new office is planned to be inaugurated sometime in August, perfectly timed before we begin our fourth year of English classes. The location at Mockingbird Station will grant easier access to our services for those living in North Dallas, Garland, and Irving areas. Starting in August, we will be offering English Levels 3 and 4 classes at the Mockingbird Station site. We are also excited to announce the upcoming addition of Spanish Language classes for English language professionals.

Meanwhile, the Jubilee Community Center in East Dallas will continue offering English Levels 1 and 2 and the Citizenship preparation program in August.

For more information, please visit our website:

Stay tuned for more updates and join us as we continue to grow and serve our community!

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