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SRA Ministries Joins Equal Heart for Day of Community Service

Mani Rubio

November 10th, 2022.

As Thanksgiving approached, teachers and students from SRA Ministries dedicated a day to community service alongside their sister organization, Equal Heart. Their shared goal was to pack and distribute food items to North Dallas's needy families. This annual food distribution service is vital in supporting hundreds of families, particularly when children are at home and have increased snack and food consumption. The involvement of SRA Ministries volunteers helps ensure that the needs of these families are met during this significant holiday season.

Dallas, Texas - In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, teachers and students from SRA Ministries recently participated in a day of community service alongside their sister organization, Equal Heart. Together, they assisted the food distributor by packing food items to be distributed to families in need in North Dallas in the coming days.

Mrs. Teresa Castaneda, the on-site manager of Equal Heart Dallas, expressed her gratitude for the volunteers from SRA Ministries, stating, "The idea is to have cases of dry goods that we can distribute to families in need in North Dallas, allowing them to expand their family's meals during the holidays. I am thrilled to see volunteers from SRA Ministries joining us in this laborious task. They are true lifesavers, helping as we continue to tackle time-sensitive tasks ourselves."

Every year, hundreds of families in North Dallas benefit from the food distribution service provided before Thanksgiving. Mr. Ruben Hernandez, an AmeriCorps member serving his time with Equal Heart, emphasized the significance of this initiative, especially during a time when children are at home and tend to consume more snacks and food. The presence of volunteers from SRA Ministries enables them to meet the needs of the families they serve.

Community service engagement aligns with SRA Ministries' vision, emphasizing networking with other organizations and actively participating in action and dialogue. Mr. Nelson Cruhhiger, the Vice President of SRA Ministries, affirmed the importance of collective efforts, stating, "Together, we can accomplish greater things for the betterment of our community."

SRA Ministries remains committed to empowering people, families, and communities through social services, community networking, civics education, and English language instruction. For more information about their initiatives, please visit their official website at

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