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SRA Ministries Works on the Creation of a Spanish Speaking program Targeting Service Providers serving the Spanish Speaking Community

Mani Rubio

January 19th, 2023.

SRA Ministries is developing a specialized Spanish Mastery Language Program called "Comunícate en Español" for individuals looking to improve their communication skills with Spanish-speaking clients. Guided by Gustavo Carvajal, a teacher at SRA Ministries, the organization is currently in the process of creating a pilot program for Spanish Language classes. The initiative was sparked by the increasing demand for Spanish classes from individuals who recognize the organization's expertise in language instruction.

Dallas, Texas – SRA Ministries is embarking on the Spring Semester with renewed enthusiasm and a range of new offerings. The Board and Teachers team recently gathered over Zoom to discuss program maintenance and expansion. The Spring semester for English classes is set to begin in the last week of January, followed by the start of the Citizenship pilot program after Spring break. A dedicated team is also diligently preparing a Spanish Language program to facilitate effective communication between English-speaking service providers and the Spanish-speaking migrant community.

The newly designed program, "Comunícate en Español," is SRA Ministries' Spanish Mastery Language Program tailored for people seeking to enhance their ability to interact with Spanish-speaking clients. Led by Gustavo Carvajal, an SRA Ministries teacher, the pilot program for the Spanish Language classes is currently being developed. The growing demand for Spanish classes from individuals who recognize the organization's expertise prompted the initiative's launch. SRA Ministries aims to address this need by creating a comprehensive Spanish Language program. Mr. Carvajal expressed, "We have received numerous requests for Spanish classes and people expressing their confidence in our teaching approach. That's why we decided to heed their call and develop a Spanish Language program."

"Comunícate en Español" will follow a flexible format, offering classes twice a week over four weeks, allowing busy professionals to progress in manageable increments. In addition to language instruction, each month will delve into topics encompassing the culture and backgrounds of various Latino communities represented in the metroplex. The organization plans to introduce the first pilot program for the Spanish Language offering during the Fall semester of 2023.

SRA Ministries remains dedicated to empowering people, families, and communities through social services, community networking, civics education, and English language instruction. For more information about their programs and initiatives, please visit their website at

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